This walk follows the Irwell Sculpture trail to Ramsbottom then back to Edenfield. Follow Rochdale Road and Bury Old Road to Turn village then over the disused quarry (officially the path passes east of the quarry) and windfarm to the top of Scout Moor and Waugh’s well. This route returned above Balladen, alternative routes from Waugh’s well are on that walk.
Or you can catch the train back.
12.5 miles unless train option taken.
Optional visit to the Chocolate Cafe in Ramsbottom, hence the name of the walk. This may make the train option more likely...

In December 2015 Storms Desmond and Frank washed away part of this walk in the Ewood Bridge area. This portion of the path is now dangerous and sould not be attempted.
Drone footage of the damage.